Common Help Questions / WebTrack Glossary: Need additional help? Feel free to reach out to us in the Credit Dept 604-296-4517 

Common HELP Questions:

1) Reminder - Early payment discount is not available when paying with Credit Card.  Should you wish to take advantage of early payment options - ensure to pay by

2) When going through MAKE A PAYMENT screen, ensure to scroll down.  It will populate all the invoices owing, and you can select the invoices you wish to pay.  These will then auto populate in your invoice remittance above, and also add it up for you automatically so you don't have to.

Q & A:

Q: I see a small balance owing on an invoice I paid last month, why?

          A: You may have paid your statement or invoices taking early payment discount when paying with credit card.  Early payment discount is not offered when paying with credit card, therefore the balance may be the shortpayment amount.  You can find the early payment discount amount on the bottom left of the invoice to be sure.

Q: My payment won't work and I keep getting an error message, why?

          A: Your card on file may have passed the 'Card Token Expiry Date' you had set (Which is how long you wish to keep the card on file with us).  Just ensure to go in to Edit your card and change this information if the date to keep it on file has lapsed.

          A: Make sure the address you have noted matches the address linked to your credit card

          A: Make sure your Postal Code is correct

          A: Make sure your CVV # is correct (3 digit code on the back of your Visa or MC) (4 digit code on the front of your AMEX)

Q: Can I keep my card on file so I don't have to enter the info again next month?

          A: YES! You can go to "Manage Stored Cards", Enter in all your details, Then hit 'Secure My Payment Information'.

          A: Make sure you document your "Card Token Expiry Date" as the date you wish to keep the card on file with us.  (Usually we recommend the same as your card's expiry)

Q: I am trying to find a credit note, how can I locate this online through my WebTrack account portal?

          A: Credit Notes are not visible online, but reach out to our Credit Dept and we can happily provide you with any information or additional copies!

Q: Can I update my address or contacts online?

          A: Not online, but email or call our credit dept and we can assist you!

Q: Can I reprint a payment receipt?

          A: Not online, but email or call our credit dept and we can assist you!

Q: How do I change my WebTrack password?

          A: Go to the header and click on Settings - Enter your old Password / Enter your new Password / Re-Enter new password / Click Change Password

 GLOSSARY of Terms:

Open Invoices:  Total of the Invoices on your account that are owing

On Order:  Any orders still pending that are not invoiced yet

Unapplied Cash:  Any payments that you have made that remain unapplied.  This does deduct the amount owing from your Net Balance.

Net Balance:  Everything currently owing on your account to date. (Includes Invoices, Credits, Unapplied Payments).  - Does not include any items still pending on order.

Amount Owing:  Everything owing on your account to date. (Includes Invoices, Credits, Unapplied Payments) less any early payment discounts still available (NOTE:  Only available when paying by Debit, Cash, Cheque, E-Transfer, EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).  *****NOT available when paying with credit card

Available Credit:  = Credit Limit - Net Balance - On Order




                                                       REMINDER - Early pmt discount not available with credit card. When paying, scroll down to select invoice which auto populates payment amount